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No Limits, New Possibilities

The First Ever Intelligent Trading Software

Key Features of the Sea Capital FX trading software:

Within the software, we have created the ‘brain’ or base engine that enables the software to take over many of the bulky processes currently demanded of traders. Below are some of the key features and capabilities within the software.

  • Managing Risk for Trading Teams and Desks

    The Sea Capital software empowers managers of trading teams and desks to effectively control all trading operations whether large or small through several profiles. There is a tiered approach to levels of authority and security which consist of a) Trader, b) User and c) Group Management options. Management can:

    • Set risk parameters for individual traders on single or multiple teams with a few clicks on the mouse.
    • Set exactly how much capital or % of risk for any specific trader or team(s) of traders through back end functionality controlled by management. The software therefore controls the risk and downside of various traders automatically.
    • Control which accounts are available to specific traders or team(s) of traders, control who has access to functionality and set the risk limits which protect clients investment with utmost diligence.
  • Trader and Account Profile

    The software allows for the controlled management of multiple systems, pairs or accounts with a few clicks of the mouse. Each account has its own ‘trader profile’, whereby each pair, strategy and system traded can be controlled by creating a profile.

    In the past, the trader had to manage all of these factors individually, and on a daily basis. It was only possible to manage any of the above uniquely, by creating a specific algorithm. This is not only time consuming but bulky and increases workload. Now this is easily executed simply by clicking the mouse.

    Furthermore, running multiple algorithms on one chart/pair could often create interference between the algorithms and thus affect trading. With the Sea Capital software, less time is spent programming and managing the trading process and more time can be spent developing and monitoring trading strategies and finding new opportunities.

  • Advanced Risk Management

    With the current technology, managing a trade is rather crude and limited. Most software only offers the option to manage a trade in terms of the pips or price for each trade, which means the trader has to decide the exact price or amount of pips to be managed, for each trade.

    Now the trade can be managed with a 1) % gain, 2) time value, 3) gains / profits management tool. This also can be applied per pair / groups of pairs, per system / groups of systems, per account / groups of accounts, or globally across all trades.

  • Timed Trading

    With the ‘Timed Trading’ feature, a particular strategy, system or trader profile can be set to activate, at any specified time, regardless of where the trader is. This eliminates the conflicts between trading demands and time management. For example, if a trade needs to activate 30 minutes after an announcement or the start of a new session, the 'Time Trading' feature allows this to be easily accomplished. The trader can set the parameters so the software will trade in the desired manner and at any time specified.

    This works both for the activation of trades as well as the termination of trading, at any time. This saves the trader an immense amount of time and resources, thereby providing them with complete control over their time management and freeing them from the need to spend endless hours tied to their computer screen. By covering all or specific sessions through programming the software, the need to manage many traders and/or trades is eliminated.

  • Order Invisibility

    When trading with a broker or bank, once an order is placed (pending) the bank and/or institution knows about the traders positions and can use this against them. There are ways to reduce this exposure, but with Sea Capital's technology, not only are all orders anonymous to the broker; they are invisible, so the counterparty can never use that information against the trader prior to the trade being activated.

  • Reduced Technical Costs

    Whether a bank, broker or hedge fund, the costs of hosting the software are eliminated (for bandwidth or increased technical support to monitor the technology), because the software is hosted and provided for on Sea Capital’s servers. In addition to this, the Sea Capital software allows non-technical staff to create "plugin" modules which implement complex trading algorithms, without the added cost of employing a developer.

In Summary

These are just some of the features offered in the current version of the software. They are part of the ‘brain’ of the software - and this is only the beginning.

Ultimately, the goal of this software is to reduce trader workload. Before, in most cases, the trader would need several algorithms to do what our software can do with a few mouse clicks.

In essence, this technology removes the technical workload from the trader allowing them to create new trading opportunities. This allows for more proactive trading with less effort, along side software with it's own “brain” that will trade using the criteria you set.

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