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Praetorian Security Suite™

Trade safely and securely in the knowledge that, to date Praetorian Security Suite™ has a 100% security history. Using state of the art logging and detection algorithms to protect what is valuable to you.

Praetorian Security Suite™ is a suite of tools assembled to keep our trading platform safe. It incorporates some novel new technologies, combined with tried and tested technologies, to provide what we believe to be one of the safest web environments there is.

Connection monitoring and server monitoring tools identify patterns and will restrict any unusual activity, while the SecureImage PIN translation system renders keyloggers and spyware useless.

This, combined with Varikey technology provides a physical level of security with a constantly changing encrypted access key, yielding literally billions of combinations. Natural organic drift in a quartz crystal is used to generate true (real world analogue) randomness to the algorithm.



Keylogger & prying eyes secure login

The SecureImage PIN translation system renders keyloggers and spyware useless. You will never be asked to directly enter your PIN number in to any of our web or trading portal servers.

Associated Products

TradeBrain™ TradeBrainFX™ is our flagship Forex trading interface. It has been created for traders, by traders.

DragDropTrade™ Easy Algorithmic trading using SCFX™ and DragDropTrade™

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