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Algorithmic Trading Module Language™ (Sea Capital Forex .NET) is a language developed to allow fast integration of user modules into the TradeBrain™ platform.™ can be edited in a standard text editor or third party IDE and is based on the popular .NET platform allowing users to develop in C#.NET, VB.NET and other .NET languages. By far the easiest way of editing an™ file is to use the DragDropTrade™ product. By using a combination of™ and DragDropTrade™, users with little or no programming knowledge can build simple and complex mathematical analysis and trading modules for the TradeBrain™ platform.

Sea Capital also operates a certification process so user created modules can be added to the central module library after certification by Sea Capital. As they say, knowledge is power and together we can create a powerful set of tools.

Associated Products

TradeBrain™ TradeBrainFX™ is our flagship Forex trading interface. It has been created for traders, by traders.

Praetorian Security Suite™ Cutting edge Security provided by Praetorian Security Suite™


DragDropTrade™ (Available Soon...)

Algorithmic Trading Module Creation Tool

DragDropTrade™ is strategy development made simple. The DragDropTrade™ module creation tool allows you to drag and drop components into a module, a little like assembling a jigsaw. Once you are happy with your module you can drag and drop that into your account. Once in your account the module is ready to trade.

The benefit of this is that modules can be created quickly and efficiently, without incurring time and expense from a software developer. It also means that if you have a particular trade secret you do not want to share, you can create the module yourself.

If you like sharing then the module can be shared instantly with the Sea Capital trading community. Receive feedback from seasoned professionals if you are an amateur or novice trader. Enlist other traders as a test bed if you want some constructive criticism from them.

We believe that DragDropTrade™ linked with the TradeBrain™ platform is the future of trading strategy development. Sign up for a free trial now to see the benefits, just click here.

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