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TradeBrainFX™ - Forex Trading Platform

TradeBrainFX™ is our flagship Forex trading interface. It has been created for traders, by traders. It has been developed with an understanding of todays market demands, with that in mind we have incorporated all of the features a modern day trader needs. With the combination of a user friendly interface and methodical functional flow, the TradeBrainFX™ interface offers many features unavailable elsewhere.

Algorithmic trading is implemented through the intuative and intelligent proprietory language SCFX™ (fully customisable with your preferences). You can create a trading module with ease using our DragDropTrade™ technology and drop it into the platform.

The platform, by default contains a number of useful modules pre-programmed for your use. Just select them and set your parameters. As the platform is fully internet secure and compliant (using our Praetorian Security Suite™), the minute we release a new module, you have it already.

The account management interface allows you to trade large volumes of accounts without the need of prop-traders and with fully customisable permissions for each account and user. This feature is not currently available in any retail platform and is ideal for institutional trading and account managers.

Associated Products

Praetorian Security Suite™ Cutting edge Security provided by Praetorian Security Suite™

DragDropTrade™ Easy Algorithmic trading using SCFX™ and DragDropTrade™


Trade Brain - Trading Interface

Trade Brain - Auto Trading Profiles

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